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As conventional energy resources become scarce, energy rates will continue to increase. Solutions to this long term problem include:

  • Updating our buildings using energy efficient technologies to reduce wasted energy
  • Utilizing existing technologies to produce energy from renewable resources
  • Conserving energy through modern computer management systems from the supply and demand side

Energy Efficiency is not just about saving money on your monthly bills. Do you have any of these issues at your home or business?

  • Is the temperature in your home or office consistently uncomfortable?
  • Is your home or office often damp, dusty or dirty, even when you regularly clean?
  • Are your family or colleagues negatively affected from allergies including pollen, mold, or dander?

Energy Efficiency Eric can speak to your issues and point you down the path to the best solutions:

  • Do you have the same home energy issues are your neighbors? Eric provides Workshops for homeowner groups of more than 15
  • Would you like your colleagues at work to be productive in and out of the office? Call Eric for a presentation that benefits your staff.
  • Is your city or town offering sustainability programs to build your community? Eric is happy to help with the development of your program or connecting with the public.

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Energy Efficiency Eric is the expert provider of education related to best business and implementation practices of modern energy solutions. We're committed to lowering energy costs and increasing the comfort of your home or business through energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

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